I just bumped my Crossfit from 3 to 5 days a week (basically added a lifting class 2x per week), and while I'm still feeling good, I'm definitely more sore and fatigued than usual. I'm going to need to give the ol' bod some extra TLC while I get used to the heavier schedule. I asked a couple fellow xfitters about their favorite recovery foods/drinks or supplements, and I got a crazy laundry list of all kinds of potions--pre-workout energy drink, post-workout muscle recovery, joint recovery, midday recovery, nighttime stuff, it's kind of daunting. And it really feels very un-primal to be jacking myself up on all kinds of questionable powders and pills just to get through a workout. I want to be able to do it under my own ability.

That said, I do need to fine-tune what I'm eating and when in order to maximize recovery. Right now I take fish oil and cal/mag/zinc daily, and whey+BCAA an hour pre-workout. I'm sore/fatigued but not too sore/fatigued (I've overtrained before and I know what that feels like), and my sleep is fantastic.

What's everyone's favorite recovery foods/tips/tricks, both pre- and post-workout? Any certain foods that you find really help? If you do take a supplement regularly, what is it and how has it enhanced your workouts or recovery? Just trying to get a broad sampling of everyone's experiences.