Just thought I'd post the results of trying primal for 35 days. It's just not for me. I noticed there were a lot of retirees who introduced themselves and never posted again. I thought I may as well post my results in case anyone is interested now or in the future.

I started primal (with 100-150g of carbs daily) by going grain and legume free for 35 days. I did slip a few grains in but I'd have to say I was at 100% grain free about 95% of the time and legume free all the time. I joined because after losing 12 lbs on WW in 2-1/2 months I gained 5 back, so I thought primal might help me lose some more weight. I also went off my bp meds and hoped primal would allow me to control my bp naturally.

I was enthused about the concept, but like they say... In theory, theory is the same as practice, but in practice, it's not.

To make a long story short, after 35 days I started adding some grains, gained back a couple of pounds in a couple of weeks, and was back where I started before primal. My BP raised and I went back on my bp meds as well.

Good luck to those who can work the program and benefit from it. I can not. Actually I don't want to. I truly see no lasting benefit from the program.

66 yrs old.; 6ft. 1; 213 lbs this morning...