I've dabbled with primal eating on and off over the past couple of years but it never stuck. It was always too easy to eat the donuts that got delivered to the office, and too comforting to make pancakes after sleeping in on Saturday mornings. I knew it would be better for me to keep primal for a number of reasons: I'm hypothyroid (caused by Hashimoto's), my weight is just barely "normal" BMI but all of my fat is in my belly, I have sleep apnea, I have joint pain in my hands and feet - quite a little list I've started for a 32 year old!

Recently, I was diagnosed with PCOS, for which my doctor has prescribed metformin and a low carb/low sugar diet. And with my husband and I hoping to try to get pregnant in the next year or so, I know it's crucial for me to keep to the diet this time if we want a better chance at conceiving.

In the past I've tried to do it alone, so this time I'm jumping into the forums, hoping that the community support aspect will make the difference that I need. It's such a wonderful community here; I'm excited to take part in it.

It's day one and I'm feeling positive about it - here's to feeling good about it for the rest of my life!