Hi all. I never, ever post on threads or in forums, I'm very comfortable lurking until the end of time. However, I am so stuck with Primal right now, and if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. My situation is as follows-

My brother and mother have both had excellent success with Primal, losing the 10 extra pounds both of them have, have great energy, etc. However, they have one body type and my father and I have another. I had my first child four months ago, and I am 36 years old. I am the kind of person who, at about 200 lbs and 5'6, am a size 12-14 and look just curvy and strong. About the smallest I get without looking weird is 175 or so. That being said, I quit smoking nearly two years ago, gained a bunch of weight, and right when I was about to do something about it, I got pregnant. Despite my weight and age, I had a relatively easy pregnancy, and gave birth at about 270 lbs. I steadily lost 20 lbs over the next two months, and I have stalled out at 247-250 for the last two months. For the first month, I did Weight Watchers. After watching my brother and mother's success, I switched to Primal. I even went into ketosis pretty solidly for about three weeks. I have stayed at 247-250 the whole time. I just started to do both WW and Primal, and same results, which are no results. Yes I am measuring as well. It is beyond frustrating and I am losing my enthusiasm very quickly.

My acupuncturist, along with two others I've consulted, believe that the stress level in my life is the culprit. It is true that I am under an extreme amount of stress, but sadly there is actually nothing I can do but manage it until it changes, at the earliest, at the end of December. The short version is my husband and I have a failing business that we have to keep open until the end of December, and in addition we have to keep this information mostly secret and pretend everything is fine until the beginning of December, when we can announce the plans to close. It is excruciating, akin to a relative with a slowly fatal disease, but then having to keep it secret? Icing on the crap cake. So I am doing all I can to manage the stress, with regular acupuncture, trying to get as much sleep as possible with a four month old, asking for help, etc.

So my question is, is there something I can do to jolt my body into action, or is it a lost cause and I will simply maintain until we can restart our lives in the new year? Any ideas are welcome. I was thinking about IF, but I'm also in a quandary about making anything seem even more stressful to my body at this point. Thanks in advance.