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Thread: I would pay for more yolk in my eggs!

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    Are those emu eggs $8 each?! You could get 3 doz. chicken eggs for that.
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    If you're talking about a mostly (or all) yolk product (made from eggs that have been cracked), I would say no. It makes more sense to throw away the whites than to create a product that is outside of the egg (and I think the eggshell does the best job of protecting the freshness of the egg).

    I have the same problem with egg white products (like EggBeaters). It's more economical, less wasteful and most likely tastier, to just throw away half the egg (because of all the resources used in making a processed product). Also the freshness will suffer, and it's likely that preservatives would have to be used and there'd likely be hen to market delay so there'd be more "days from the chicken" than would whole eggs.

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    Eggs are just plain simple and great tasting! I missed out on them for years due to cholesterol scare. I’m over that now. I eat them alot now.

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    They actually sell double-yolkers here in the grocery stores where I live. Unfortunately, they're sold in the grocery store and were not even close to being free run I would imagine.
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    I don't know what duck eggs you got but the ones my farm down the street sells are about the same size as a chicken egg. Maybe a little bit bigger. They were $4/dzn where as my chicken eggs are 5.50/dzn. I got threee to try but their profile seems a little less efficient to eat regularly.

    I always love a double yoker...I do have a hard time figuring out how to eat it as I used to dip my toast in it (I'm still pretty new so I still struggle with some of my 'losses' lol). I would not support anything other than a naturally occurring double though.

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