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Thread: Visceral fat, anorexia connection, solution

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    Visceral fat, anorexia connection, solution

    I'm a post-menopausal woman with a history of anorexia as a teen. Most of my adult life I've weighed in the 130's which for me at 5'7" is healthy; weighing less than 125 when I was younger caused amenorrhea for me. My low as a teen was 104. I have terrific genes - great blood #s for all the usual stuff people worry about and also no problem maintaining my adult weight until recently.

    Last year I gained weight and inches despite no change in diet or lifestyle. I think this is related to prediabetes as I had a fasting blood sugar of 99 at my last physical, up from 92 the previous year. Since going mostly Primal in June I've lost the excess weight. Self-measurements show a little improvement in fasting bloods but I'm still seeing a dawn effect.

    I read an academic paper citing a correlation between being a recovered anorexic and developing Type II Diabetes which seems to be related to the concept of being metabolically obese/normal weight. The theory is that in regaining weight anorexics add significant visceral fat, and the visceral fat is the connection with later-life diabetes.

    I'm not interested in loosing more weight. I want to target invisible visceral fat and build muscle. I am following primal fitness guidelines and I recently started intermittent fasting 1x per week (lunch/dinner/breakfast or dinner/breakfast). Most of the posts I've read here seem to confuse or co-address visible belly fat and invisible visceral fat. Can anyone point me to any clinical studies that measure true visceral fat loss under different circumstances, particularly among normal weight individuals? Thanks!
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