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    I'm enjoying this thread and the great resources within it. Paleobird, thanks for the info and details on Crio Bru.

    I've been letting myself indulge in some dark chocolate. The buzz has been great, but I want to clean it up a bit. May have to try some of these alternatives.

    I have some raw nibs. I'm wondering about doing something different and interesting with them to get off the processed DC I've been eating.

    I might try grinding them in my blender spice jar and make hot chocolate, or maybe mix them with something like coconut manna or some macademia nutfor a little treat.

    My body responds really well to a very clean primal diet. So, I stay away from dairy, nuts (as much as possible), and I don't even do that well on coconut.

    So, I'm always open to trying a new yummy treat!

    Thanks for the ideas and resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Katherine View Post
    I will have to try that. If I can find it in my little town.
    Here's the web link where they sell online Crio Brü and Crio Beans are Rich in Antioxidants, Minerals and Natural Energy - Healthy Chocolate for Healthy Living and the local locations it's sold at Locations to Buy Crio Brü and Crio Beans
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    This from the Ganong website - Ganong is a cholate company in New Brunswick famous for inventing the chocolate bar - although they make mostly boxed chocolates - this Aurthur Ganong is reputed to have eaten a pound of chocolat a dy and lived to 83. The web site says 3 pounds a day but other articles I have read said 1 pound which seems more realistic.
    Since 1873
    (B 1877 - D 1960) President of Ganong Bros., Limited 1917-1957
    Fresh out of university, he entered the family business alongside his uncle Gilbert. Having a life-long fascination with chocolate, Arthur proved himself a sharp business man and outstanding manager. Arthur was famous for eating three pounds of chocolate every day.

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    I do. Although I gave up raw milk and 85% dark chocolate this week. Did order some brewing cocoa though and it should ship out today. I gave up the chocolate for now, b/c stress was causing me to eat 3/4 of a bar a day...and that can't healthy. I was eating Green and Black's Organic 85%. I bought the brewing cocoa from Chocolate Alchemy. Hope it is yummy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott F View Post
    Thanks! Looks like I'm ordering. Mississippi isn't even on there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    So chocolate is good for you? Whew! That's a relief.
    Yes, for now is really good to stop evening craving

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    I almost eat chocolate every day, but usually run out before the end of the week. Had some baking chocolate lately. It wasn't bad, but I think the 80%-ish range is just fine.

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    25gms of 70% cocoa solids every day as a treat with SWMBO after dinner. I read an article many moons ago stating that a Swedish doctor's research was showing 76% to be the optimum. We're happy with the taste of out 6% below optimum treat.
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    I have a mild allergy to chocolate. If I eat some I start sneezing. This is pretty common apparently and can be caused by various things with strong flavours! Still, doesn't stop me from eating 85% or 99% chocolate.

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    Great articles!
    Recently I have been eating some choc every day. Mostly 80-90% organic (not raw unfortunately) or raw nibs with a drop of maple or shredded 70% choc. I am in two minds about whether I should continue though - it is difficult to stop at just 10 or 20g of the treat

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