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Thread: the hormonal edge?

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    lol i have high cortisol and testosterone levels. the bloodwork confirms it. i am just wondering what workouts and foods i can be eating to get an edge on my weightloss. that is all.

    ..and i was simply pointing out that your post was stereotypical and rude. regardless of intent.

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    Well I have no clue then. I know of some good ways to lower testosterone and raise estrogen, but I am loathe to suggest them because they are generally considered unsafe and CERTAINLY not primal. Generally, messing with your hormonal make-up without a doctor's assistance, even in the form of small tweaks, is risky.

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    In general, the Paleo or Primal Blueprint diet does tend to help women with PCOS, who also have testosterone dominance. So perhaps start with just the basics as far as the diet.

    It is possible that doing tabata-style workouts is a little stress-inducing. I think Mark recommends tabata or just regular sprinting only every 7 to 10 days. Then some strength training 2-3 times a week, but not for huge amounts of time. And most of the time very low stress stuff.

    I don't have, or at least I'm unaware of, any serious hormonal issues. I was doing 2x a week of body weight exercise classes. One of them was really focused on strength exercises and form but the other mixed a lot of cardio into it and was sort of high impact. I got a lot more from the focused one. We are on a two-week hiatus from these classes and I've only been doing extremely slow running and biking (heart rate no higher than 133). I can't believe the energy I feel lately. I think when the classes resume I am only going to take the one strength class. I'm not going to bother with sprinting anymore. All that was just too stressful. I feel so much better with this slow stuff, like light years better. I share this because it's worth considering. Mark's an ex-pro athlete and a man. I'm not sure he knows what's best for women all the time. And personally, I think this focus on cross-fit and all this super high impact stuff is a little bit of "if a little is good, a lot must be better."
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    Women who are pre-menopausal typcially store weight in their lower body (belly, thighs, hips) due to estrogen, which is responsible for both the act of fat storage and the placement. After menopausal, women typically transition to storing fat in the way that men typically do (upper body). The book, 'Why Women Need Fat' was really excellent is explaining the hows and whys of female fat storage, I highly recommend it, even though I don't remember if it really mentioned treating women with abnormal fat storage.

    I'm not an expert, but it seems like a good idea to get your hormones tested so you can have some data about the actual levels, that way if you decide to supplement with hormones, you'll be able to gauge how effective they are (in additional to knowing which you need to supplement with).

    So hormones that might be worth researching (I don't know what would be appropriate for you to take) are:
    progesterone and pregnenolone

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