I am sorta new to all this. I had been on HCG for some time and lost 24 pounds. But it stopped working and I had to do something. I found this website and here I am. Today is day 3 and so far I have already dropped 1.5 pounds. That's amazing considering I was stuck at 158.8 for 3 weeks and now down to 157.2 this morning...and eating wonderful, fattening, delicious foods.

But I will be honest. I feel guilty when I eat. Like this morning I had a pork chop and fried egg in coconut oil and just thought: Wow! This is a lot of food.. Can I really keep this going? But it seems to be working yet I just can't help being a little nervous that one day this nice dream is going to end. I'm having a tough time moving past that feeling and if I am doing things right or not.

My goal is to keep the carbs under 50 and I am at 18 so far...But what about calories? I mean I just had a 1/2 cup of whip cream that was whipped up with some stevia and of course that just doesn't seem right....so the guilt is back again. I'm so full from that treat too and here I am feeling guilty.

I am using myfitnesspal to track things but is there a limit? I am am at

1363 calories so far for the day and
18 grams of carbs
0 fiber
106 grams of protein
113 grams of fat

I still have dinner coming and planning a salmon salad..

How am I doing so far..is this still ok?

Thanks for your input!