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    Deadlift: Is Nearly Passing Out Normal?

    So pretty much every time I do heavy deadlift day (250 lbs or higher, generally--under that seems to be fine), I feel super lightheaded after I put the bar down for several seconds. I haven't passed out ever, but sometimes I need to hold onto something until it goes away. And yes, I promise I have great deadlift form and am breathing correctly. I also get this to a lesser degree from heavy squats sometimes. I assume it's not a real issue, but was wondering if it happens to anyone else or if I should be concerned at all.

    Also, I dislike deadlifts. Always have. Love lifting weights, though. I know they're pretty necessary for me.

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    Deadlifts are my absolute favorite lift. And I also get the light-headed seeing stars thing sometimes when I go "heavy."

    I attribute it to the beastly awesomeness of the deadlift.

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    I love deadlifts. They make me happy, and as a woman, there's something deeply satisfying in knowing I can haul that much weight off the ground. I get the same thing on heavy deads and sometimes squats, as does my partner. I think it's a blood pressure thing.
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    Just make sure you are getting enough air and taking a pause at the bottom. A lift like deadlifts can really raise your blood pressure. When I go heavy I never go higher than 3 reps. Pause at the bottom, take a few deep breaths, reset my grip, go again.

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    Yup. Normal when squeezing out that last heavy rep. I also get it at the top of heavy power cleans.

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    i hate deadlifts too! absolutely love squats though. not sure what's causing your issue, if not breathing

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    Good chance its a vasovagal response.

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    When you release the valsalva maneuver the blood pressure drops to the brain? That's what I concluded when it happened to me. I also experience it mainly with the dead lift.

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    I got really lightheaded today after 3x320, needed to sit down. It happens. Blood pressure drop after release of tension.
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    Careful not to attack anyone when you get this response. There have been cases of extreme violence during things like this.
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