Thought I'd do the courteous thing and introduce myself before posting in the other forums.

I am Jon, from Sheffield in Yorkshire, England. Age 41.5.

I've been trying to be low carb and now Paleo, for about a year.

I've not yet managed to kick my carb addiction. It goes wrong most days at about 10 or 11 pm. So I'm going to increase my fat intake and lower the carbs further, especially on an evening and see how that helps. The other avenue I'm exploring is best described by the title of a popular book on Amazon called 'Get The F@ck To Sleep'.

On a positive note, even though I've not managed to kick the carbs fully, I've done enough to shed about 24 lbs. Most recently by adding in intermittent fasting. That's got me down to around 10% body fat, with no apparent loss of muscle. And that's me now at 11 stone doing big ass weights in the gym.

Over the next few weeks I hope to transition to some form of stricter Paleo. One that includes dairy and some refined sugar but that's it. I have started and I'm thinking that the key to success is having enough Paleo food and variation of it, on hand, for meals and snacks at all times.

My other problem is the huge amount of cheap, battery farmed chicken that I eat and that I need to reduce. So I've just got me a big bag of lamb's liver and onions. I never had a problem with this in my teens. I just seem to think in my older age that if it's cheap it's bollocks. Which really is boll...

I also have another goal. That's to be Paleo and put on muscle mass. The traditional dogma is that this is best done in the presence of carbs. I disagree. I think if you're lean, which promotes muscle gains and you drip feed yourself enough fat and protein throughout the day, then your body should have everything it needs. I mean, you'll be healthier for a start, so that's got to count for something, right? So putting on size whilst in some form of ketosis is my goal. I'll log it over the next 2 months and post the results.