Hi Everyone!!

My name is Laura, I'm 43 and I live in Northwest England. I've been lowcarbing for several months and loving it, getting rid of the evil grains etc but am still struggling with lack of chocolate so have been indulging in small amounts of dark (85%) chocolate which I LOVE!! There is alot of similarity between 'LCHF' and primal (apart from dairy and amount of veggies) so I hover between the two, as I love cheese. One of the problems I have is that I'm not sure how much protein I should be consuming? I'm tiny, 5"2" and weigh 126 pounds so how much protein should I be consuming?

Am due to return to University this week to complete my 3rd year in Animal Conservation Science, highly anxious about this, got 2 kids, one in high school, the other is only 2 (starting with the dreaded terrible 2's) and am dreading what I will be able to eat in the cafeteria and having to explain why I am not eating the poison they will undoubtedly have on offer!! Would be nice to connect with some other mums, dads, mature student etc who are primal!