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Thread: "Your dad is so fat".... Primal Papa's Journal.

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    "Your dad is so fat".... Primal Papa's Journal.

    About 6 months ago, a young girl moved into our development. She was about the same age as my own twin daughter's and I was excited for them to possibly make a new friend. They told me about this girl, and I told my kids to invite her to our home. Well, she came down for dinner, and was skinny as a rail. We asked her what she liked to eat, and she shrugged. So we started asking her about specific foods, and she said she didn't like any of the things we offered to her. So, I asked her again, "What do you like to eat?"

    She shrugged again. So, I told her that I was cooking dinner, and she was welcome to eat what we put out, but if she didn't want to eat what we put out, well, tough cookies. I wasn't going to kiss her butt so she would eat. Dinner was on the table, and if I recall, she ate a few green beans, or something like that. I know that she didn't eat a lot.

    After dinner the kids went to play, and then the girl went home. But she went home rather early. I was curious as to why. So, I went to my wife and asked if she knew why. She said that she did, but didn't really want to tell me. I pressed my wife for an answer, and she finally gave in. Turns out that the girl said to my kids, "Your dad is so fat!" And my kids asked her to leave.

    She has never been back to our home.

    Last week I was asking my kids about the girl, and why she wasn't coming over. They hemmed and hawed, not wanting to give me an answer. The most I could get from them was "She's just too rude." Of course, I already knew what the girl had said. I am glad my kids decided not to keep being friends with this 12 year old girl - not because of her calling me fat, but because I take pride in my kids being very polite. I have AWESOME kids. Well, mostly, LOL. I was glad because I didn't want this girl being a bad influence on my kids.

    Also last week, my own daughter asked me to work out with her. She had just been advised during a health examination at school that she should lose 8 - 10 pounds. Now, I will say this: she used to be about 20 pounds too heavy, but as she grows taller, she's getting thinner on her own. Plus, a few weeks ago, she started playing CYO volleyball..... and she practices a couple times a week, and this week she had practice and 3 games! And another practice tomorrow night. So, she is already active.

    Back to that girl.

    While she was rude, she was also very much correct. I am 5 foot 5, and about 285 pounds. I have never been thin in my entire life - not even as a kid. In 1999, I dropped about 80 pounds through RELENTLESS exercise. I was biking about 75 miles a week, and spending another 10 - 15 hours a week in the gym. I was obsessed with losing weight. It wasn't really a good time for me. Every single day that I didn't work out, I beat myself up over it. I was not mentally healthy, I am sure. I got down to about 200 pounds. ( My highest ever was 326 pounds ).

    Anyway, I have decided that I need a lifestyle change again. I need to adjust my diet, and get back to the gym, without becoming obsessed again. I'm going to start slowly, and start tomorrow, on September 24th, 2012.

    I'm doing it for me, and I'm doing it for my family.

    But when I get t where I want to be, I just might walk past that young girl's house without a shirt on!...10x.
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