I'd love you knowledgable folk to help me out with the BF.

He is primal with me, and he used to be very moody, mainly caused by huge bowls of pasta/museli everyday. Since he gave it all up, he's less tired and generally happier.

But he gets really angry and frustrated with some situations (esp. driving), when things are harder than he wants them to be, or when things don't go his way. His anger snowballs and he almost gets blinded by his frustrations, nothing I can do or say will calm him down. Take for instance this morning, when he was loading things into the car. They wouldn't fit properly so he starting shoving them in, and got knocked in the face. Then he complained about stomach pains after, because he got so wound up.

Not only is this upsetting for me, but I'm worried that he will injure himself, and I'm worried that this could end up in long term damage (stomach ulcers, stress related diseases).

I would love some guidance on this, be it with regards to diet, or mental help. Thanks!