Keeping things in writing for future reference might be a good idea. I already wish I had taken the proper measurements before going primal...

Anyway I am 6 weeks into the primal lifestyle and I'm already down one belt hole. Yay! ::happy dance::
My main goal is to lose body fat (mid-section!) & therefore tone up; not necessarily weighing less. I'm at about 130# for 5'5", but definitely some skinny fat syndrome going on.

Switched to primal August 10th after I caught my reflection in the mirror of a fitting room - clothes can hide a lot of things very well

Somehow after having my son (3 yrs ago) I fell off the chronic cardio wagon -- lack of time, lack of motivation, and just... tired of the same old stuff I presume.

I'm sprinting, attempting the plank & push ups regimen. (not super disciplined yet!)

I'm still lacking a pull up bar... The $20 easy-over-the-door bar does not fit our wide doors and the two places where it might work, it hangs from the crown molding. No way I am taking that kind of risk! I think I might just suck it up and buy the $200 free-standing bar Mark uses... Until then, I'm focusing on the 80% that matters most (diet over exercise) and moving slowly often. Walked about 3 miles today, and went to Bikram Yoga this AM -- Gosh I hate the last 10 min of that thing, but it feels so good right after!!

This is how I know I'm primal...
- I bought Ketostix today to check on my progress! (Result: somewhere between 'trace' & 'low')
- My second chicken-broth-in-crockpot is simmering as we speak; and I have beef marrow bones waiting for me in the freezer.
- Yesterday I made my own mayo. The immersion blender trick is awesome!! And next? I am looking forward to making fat bread!
- I go to the butcher every week. I used to go twice a year!!
- I feel really bad when I attempt to indulge & "dip" into my 80/20 -- every thing is just too salty or too sweet now. Vanilla shake? Yuck. So I've actually been more on the 95/5 ratio. [chocolate covered almonds, red wine here and there; 1 slice of birthday cake since I started; oh and a couple pastries and some baguette while in France on holiday last month]

Not entirely sure, but I *think* I'm seeing a little definition just under my rib cage, above the belly button. Also my arms look skinny to me, not that they were ever HUGE, but I again caught a reflection of myself that made me pause.

I don't track calories daily but will punch things in SparkPeople to check on my macros sporadically. While I'm still mostly on an eating pattern of 3x daily, I've IF'ed occasionally and have no issues with it (about 24 hrs each time, while traveling). Will try to incorporate weekly when I've got my busy work season behind me in about a month.

I should be going to bed, already 10:30pm!

PS: Macadamia nuts, I love you.....!