Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum every week for a year. I could really use some advice on something....

The problem: I get about 2 weeks into no sugar, no grains and I get past the "hump" of tiredness and initial cravings but feel like my brain needs dopamine or something and I literally eat bad just to improve my mood! I've been repeating this cycle for a year.

My year...
I started a year ago losing 45 pounds on the terrible HCG diet and then gained 20 pounds back. I went 42 days with 500 calories a day on two seperate occasions to lose that weight. Back then, when my mood was bad I knew it was because of that wacky diet.

I then discovered marksdailyapple and I went primal with no problems until I fell off the wagon with lots of bad food and much beer and such. I get back on the wagon and am very strict and then I find my mood and personality very "low". I'm thinking " Im low on adreneline" or "dopamine" or my maybe my body is not figuring out how to find insulin from other parts of my body? NEED HELP.

When I'm doing good for a few weeks to a few months here is my day:
3-4 eggs with hot sauce and veggies and a little feta cheese
Big Ass Salad with avacodo, oil, beef or chicken, or egg
8 oz or more of meat and veggie dinner
Snacks: Almond butter and apples, lots of almonds ( way too many) pistachios, roast beef and cream cheese, cottage cheese, watermelon , sweet potato with butter,

I eat grass fed as much as possible ... probably 70% of the time.

I eat way too much sharp cheddar cheese. I drink a lot of green tea with stevia and I drink a "healthier" version of coffee that is decaf and has ganoderma in it ( a health mushroom that makes the coffee alkaline).

I drink a lot of this coffee and notice no typical toxin feeling or caffeine feeling from it. (has less caffiene than decaf)

I eat a lot of cheese and lot of primal food because Im trying to not eat the bad stuff and use it as an excuse to eat as much primal as needed (except bad on cheese).

Does anyone know if I just need to stick it out and get past it and my body will adjust?
When I'm eating primal I NEVER cheat and eat sugar or non primal foods ... should I allow a little cheat to help my mood?

Thanks for the feedback in advance!

P.s- I DID excercise as prescribed by Mark but the past few months have not as I've been trying to get back on 100% again.