I was tempted to do that thing from The Simposn's, where Homer is at an Indian reservation, and he keeps saying Hihowareya. Hihowareya, LOL.

So, I will tell you who I am..... I'm a guy who has mostly a wonderful life and family, but has some really sucky parts too. I'm 50 years old, and diabetic, and have already had a huge heart attack in 2007. One would think that that would be enough to have convinced me to change my diet and lifestyle, but I was too stupid to make the necessary changes.

That said, except for being really fat and outta shape, I still feel pretty good.

So, why am I just now trying to change my life?

Well, I have twin 11 year old daughters, and one is a little overweight. Not much, but could lose 8 pounds, maybe 10. Well, she went to a school fitness evaluation, and they told her that she needed to lose weight, and she took that to heart. She came to me last week and said "Dad, on the days that I don't have volleyball games or practice, I want to go to the basement to exercise."

We have a pretty good bit of gym stuff there.... treadmill, personal trampoline, stationary bike, dumbbells, and a medicine ball. I also have a nice pad on the ground for exercises. And I also have 2 of those weighted padded long sticks that have foam around them..... and haven't used them in years. But now, with the request of my daughter, I will get back to using them. Oh, and I have a heavy bag to take my aggressions out, too.

I am starting to feel the effects of diabetes. I drink too much, and I pee too much. I think, and my doctors say, that if I take control now, diabetes doesn't have to ruin my life.

Man oh man, I love the stupid, life killing carbs...... pasta, bread, soft ice cream...... you know.....

But as of tomorrow, when I start this primal diet, and start exercising with my daughter, I hope to be strong enough to just say no" to all the crap that is slowly killing me.

I like my life. It's not likely that I will live to 80 years old based on my current health, but that is my goal.

Hello, and my name is Chuck, but people call me "Papa"..... ( I'm a father of twin daughters )