So 2 years ago I did this 100%, probably didn't eat enough vegetables and fruits but lots of meat, fatty meat and coconut milk. I definitiely gained a s*#t ton of weight but I think i was obsessing and succeeded my daily caloric needs. That's something I've learned about my body; calories DO matter. However my reasons for doing this are much different now but I want to be sure this doesn't happen again.

A quick recap, I spent 3 months in SE Asia, came back to the USA and was fine for 2 months and then developed a skin rash, then bruising then fascial swelling and hives and welts head to toe. 10 months later I've realized I have an out of control histamine response to the majority of foods and the list of what I can't eat is bigger then what I can eat. I've been to many doctors, many tests, some speculations here and there but no identification of a cause. I take high doses of anti-histamines and eat a very restricted diet.

I recently went to an applied kinesiologist with a phD in Nutrition who muscle tested me for food sensitivities, organ function and supplementation. All in all his suggestions were pretty much primal except I can't eat eggs, pork, nuts and seeds, and olives/oils or any oil really. Also there is a plethora of fruits both citrus and berries I can't eat as well as veggies such as, brussel sprouts or peas. The only dairy I eat is butter.

I'm eating more tubers and squash, plenty of fruit, not counting carbs but I don't want to gain weight from too many carbs/fats and I feel like crap on a high animal fat diet. So I'm concerned about my diet slightly. What do you think? This is truly a unique situation. I'm rereading primal blueprint for inspiration. Breakfast is the hardest meal with no eggs or nuts.