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Thread: Looking for opinions on my new syrup/sweetener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeVynn View Post
    Extracts of food...

    Consider that only the poorest quality "food" is used in most processed food production, and any process that fractionates "food" into extracted parts of it, has removed the built-in balance of it. Fruit sugar without the fibre hits your system really hard.

    I'd choose less processed options, because seriously, I don't want low-quality fruit (raised with pesticides, maybe? infested with mold, spores, or bugs, maybe?) sugar syrup. I'd use maple syrup or honey.
    I agree with what your saying, but the syrup is organic and i always eat it with some fibre.
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    Maybe try some inulin?

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    People get paranoid, but ultimately, you have to find your balance.

    A lot depends on what your goals are, how clean you need to eat.

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