I ran into this today - my first full day of a whole week to be spent with family (and eating with them).

I have almost finished reading the Primal Blueprint, and I get what Mark is saying about how Cholesterol is not the bad guy it has been portrayed as, but how do I defend how I am trying to eat now to people who are stuck on Conventional Wisdom? They are very firm believers in the absoluteness of the calories in - calories out formula - they say nothing else matters, you just need to adhere to the math.

I want to stick with the Primal way of eating while I am here and I want to even improve where I am in implementing the Primal Lifestyle (since I don't have to be at work and I can concentrate more on stuff like this). However, if I am going to be challenged on my eggs and other things that I eat, I am not sure I can stay the course. I haven't been doing this very long, so I don't have a very big arsenal of the nutrition science and the other pieces of information stored in my brain yet. And I know they won't read the book, even if I buy it for them (my book is on my nook, so I can't just pass it on to them).

My family can be very convincing/pushy/argumentative and most times, I just don't want to fight (I don't like arguing in general and really don't like arguing with family). Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do or say to make them stop harping about "all that fat and cholesterol in all those eggs"?