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Thread: jdebelly - journey to the MN State Patrol

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    jdebelly - journey to the MN State Patrol

    Sunday, Sept 23d 2012
    Hello -

    This is a daily journal to place some accountability for myself to this community - and also my wife - to document my journey to join the Minnesota State Patrol *or* develop success in some other measures.

    I have previously asked for advice, coaching and tips here on the Fitness forum: .

    Here is the PDF for the minimum fitness standards I will be at well before March 2013:

    For the record, I am 41, am currently unemployed, the father of three young boys - only 1 in school, and am back to school full-time. And in addition to working out, I have an other nerd hobby that takes up additional time.

    As described in the PDF, I must achieve a minimum of 1 point in each area, and a total of 50 points to pass. It is only a Pass/Fail test.

    My current strengths - or the plan is to achieve 19 points each for the Sit-Ups and Push-Ups; working towards 47 and 40 respectively.

    Push ups: 40 *good* pushups / 1 minute ..... currently at *around* 30.

    Sit ups: 47 sit-ups / minute..... currently at *around* 36.

    Run: exceeding an 8 min mile which would place me at 1.5 miles in under 12:00... currently at 1.5 in 14:17.

    Sprint: 300 meters / :83 seconds or 1:23... my best earlier this summer was at :81 seconds.... but now I think I'm back up to around 2:20ish.

    *Goal* Find out where I'm at for the Sprint this week, Monday or Tuesday.

    And finally the Jump
    Jump: Goal 15inches.... currently at 12 inches.

    Today I wouldn't quite pass, but I am certain and 100% confident this will happen.
    It will happen just like I lost over 100+ lbs, like I ran 2 half-marathons this year, and I've completed both Officer Training School in the Air Force, and finished my MBA.

    This will happen, it will take work, work I can do.

    What I need is direction though, and ask for any advice and thoughts. :-)

    I'll have more updates soon, thanks,

    Jon ~
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