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Thread: alcohol and hunger

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    Question alcohol and hunger

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    Hello everyone,

    Whenever I have over 2 drinks *shots 4-5, wine, ect, I wake up the next day and have hunger pains that don't go away no matter what I eat. I only drink one day a week, maybe 2 (second day would be max 1 drink) and I am not willing to give this up, as it is one of very few indulgences, and I really enjoy it. The hunger the next day really upsets me though, especially when it leads to over-eating (as it usually does) Anyone else experience this and have any ideas on how to reduce it? ... Also any theories, or explanations as to what causes this reaction would be appreciated.



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    your prolly dehdrated and electros are outta whack-drink a bottle water, sweat, and eat some fatty scrambled eggs

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