So, yesterday I was baking N'Oatmeal cookies to take with us when we go camping. I had not had much to eat yet (late afternoon) and bit by bit ended up eating 7 (yes SEVEN!) of the cookies. And then all hell broke loose! I was getting other stuff ready for the camping trip and started to feel super dizzy, could barely even crawl to my room. Kept feeling like I was going to pass out even though I was lying down, the slightest movement was horrible. Extreme nausea, felt like I was going to get diarrhoea, short of breath, super thirsty, dry mouth and lips. I just looked at the macros for the 7 cookies and it is a boatload of fat and carbs ...872 calories, fat 62 g, carbs 63 g (I am usually under 50g) and protein 11 g. I had more than half of my usual macros in one shot. And that was a lot of carbs I know. Just, what on earth happened? In the old days I used to be able to gorge myself on all kinds of junk and I never, ever had a reaction like that! I felt bad, yes, but not like I might die (dramatic I know but that was how it felt!!)

I never did throw up or get diarrhoea ... insight anyone?