User name is Lash ,aged 39, and I thought I'd actually introduce myself for once. Hope to stick around for a very long time........ well at least until I drop dead ;-)

Couple of years ago a thought crept into my head and it was " somethings wrong ". Pushed the thought to the back of my mind but I guess I'd always thought that something was wrong with the food we've been eating.

Things came to a head last summer when I saw a friend reading a book by Udo Erasmus called Fats that heal , fats that kill. We spoke about it for a bit and so I bought my own copy and a book by Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon called Eat fat, lose fat.

Still wasn't enough to kill that thought that something still wasn't right though. I began thinking that things started to go wrong for us when the food industry took control of what we eat. I can't remember what I typed into google but I think it was something like "What food did our ancestors eat" because I knew they must have been doing something right or we wouldn't be here today!!!! Going through the list of results I came to this place, where I read about Mark and the Primal way of living in this day and age. Pre-ordered The Primal blueprint book and never looked back. That thought of "something's wrong" has been put to rest now. Now I know what to do and how to give my body what it's always been shouting for. I'm no saint and yes I do give in to cravings now and again but most of the time I'm on the path to primal living.

Governments in bed with the food industry have got a lot to answer for. With obesity and diabetes on the rise I'm amazed our UK Government hasn't finally grown a pair and told the food industry that it's got to sort things out now or in the future the food industry will have to pay for treatment of these diseases they are happily helping to spread all in the name of profit. I think our lives and well being are a lot more important than the stocks and shares of companies that are slowly but surely killing us off.

I better stop here :-).

Approaching winter here in the UK and thought I'd finally join the forum to get some tips on what to eat for the coming cold season. Oily salads were good for summer but now I'm not so sure so I'll be asking questions about healthy energy sources to get through the winter. I cycle to work which takes me half an hour then work in a heated building at a desk or walk around student labs all day then cycle back home 8 or so hours later.
I am not looking forward to this winter without the back up of a primal energy source.
I don't care about getting fat over winter as I now know we are born with and have always had the ability to burn off fats but thanks to the insidious sugar/food industry and CW this ability is slowly but surely being shut down forcing many of us to go down the path of the greatest food con of all...... "low fat" diet food.

These are some of my thoughts and I hope I haven't scared you off!!

Catch you later!!