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-Lift heavy (I wouldn't even go as high as 10 in a rep range, I grind in the 4-7 range)

-Eat big (for me, this is a ton of protein, a lot of fat & ton of veggies.. I'm a VLC guy, so that's my route, no starches.. Cheat meal once a week or so where I typically eat a meal of trashy fast food or whatever to satisfy a craving)

-Rest! (Most people over train.. I lift no more than 2 mayyybe 3 days a week.. No cardio for me since I lift to grow & don't want to burn calories.. A lot of rest between sets to stay strong, napping @ home if I'm tired, SLEEP is the most underrated variable in the health & fitness equation.. More important than what you eat or how you train, you MUST sleep well)

Those are some of my bullets for staying lean & putting on muscle @ the same time, trying to keep it simple.. Lift heavy, eat a lot of clean primal calories & rest aggressively
I agree with the sleep part, ive seen gains since I started napping almost daily. ill also be lazy and go lay in the sun. I do a little extra cardio though as I like to stay active. walking with a weighted vest is great and a little swimming and running every now and then never hurt anybody