Does anyone raise cattle here? I've been raising goats and sheep for over 5 years and I feed them hay, alfalfa pellets and when my does are on in milk, a grain mix (that I make) on the milkstand. Anyhoo...I am getting 2 steer calves tomorrow to raise til Spring for the freezer. The woman I am getting them from is feeding them a show feed mix that is corn, and syrup, and cottonseed and some other crap I don't want to feed my calves. HOwever, I know better than to disrupt their feed pattern straight off, you have to segue them into another type of feed slowly. I cannot afford to feed them alfalfa pellets all winter like my small livestock. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want them to grow and gain weight like they are supposed to. I have plenty of hay for the winter but I know they need more than that while they are growing.