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Thread: Pork....greatest food ever?

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    Pork....greatest food ever?

    A couple of observations first.

    We have a whole thread about people increasing the bacon in their diet seeing improvement in their health. Several traditional societies made it THE primary source of fat and protein (of particular not is the traditional Okinawans and Celts). Pig/Boar has very similar internal anatomy, omnivore, and such as to that of - like? I personally LOVE the stuff and when you slow cook some good ribs I feel you likely benefit from a combo shot of the meat AND the bone since its cooked low and slow for so long.

    The nay sayers: High O6 and.....I'm not sure if there is an and. I'm currently convinced that naturally occurring O6 can be as anti-inflammatory as O3. The effect of almonds on inflammation and oxidati... [Eur J Nutr. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI I know not about pork, but nuts seem to have the same stigma.

    I feel like we are all leaning toward other ruminants as the optimal meat and demonization of pork to an extent. What do you think? Good enough evidence to limit pork or should we actually be seeking it out?
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