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Thread: Pareto Primal

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    Pareto Primal


    I know some paleo books talk about the 80/20 rule saying as long as you are paelo 80% of the time, you should get the benefits. That to me feels like a bit of a misapplication of the 80/20 rule. My read of the 80/20 rule as Pareto formulated it, was that 20% of the elements are responsible for 80% of the benefits.

    Just as food for thought, I am wondering if anyone has thought about applying the pareto principle to the primal blueprint. In other words what is the 20% of the blueprint that gives 80% of the benefits?

    In the area of diet, could it be as simple as giving up just grains and eating more protein and vegetables?

    In the area of exercise, could it be as simple as just getting more activity a week by either walking for 5 hours a week or changing to a standing workstation?

    What do you think?

    thanks, Caprica
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