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    olive oil recommendation?

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    I did some quick research on EVOO and found that California EVOO is supposedly really really good, but I'm living in WA. Does Trader Joe's or some other retailer supply some good quality EVOO? Thanks.
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    Whole Foods 365 stuff is great. Turkish is the best tasting IMO
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    Is Costco Kirkland EVOO really OO? It fails the "solidifies in the fridge" test. Don't like to think Costco would sell us fake olive oil.

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    California EVOO? You might consider California Olive Ranch. Where I live (north central Texas), it's carried in Walmart and Safeway. Surely it wouldn't be difficult to find in Washington state. I hope.

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    Trader Joes has a California Estate olive oil that is very good. Its the only one I like to use on salads. I don't cook with it though as it would be a waste.

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