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Thread: Looking for quiet ,relaxed music page

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    Looking for quiet ,relaxed music

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    Kinda Off Topic.

    Looking for good, quiet music.
    Classic guitar songs, no strong electric or anything with a hard beat.
    Lyrics is optional.
    Muse's Unintended is a good example.. And most of The XX songs.

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    Cowboy Junkies - The Caution Horses.
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    Some of the more mellow stuff I like...

    The Antlers- "Burst Apart" is a great album. Listen to all the way through, in order.
    Blind Pilot- Get their album "3 Rounds and a Sound"
    Iron & Wine- Music to fall asleep to
    The Tallest Man on Earth- In my opinion, some of the most beautiful music ever. Get all 3 albums.

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    Carlos Nakai

    Just skip the ad...I love his music.

    I also enjoy Andres Segovia.. classical guitar. Here he is in Spain...

    Two personal favorites.
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    very relaxing, soothing chill out feeling music
    Diane Arkenstone
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    Vas. Here's a good example:
    Vas - In The Garden Of Souls - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post
    Kinda Off Topic.

    Looking for good, quiet music.
    French piano music, such as Debussy's Preludes:

    Classic guitar songs ...
    Oh, OK, guitar, then maybe:

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    Try Vitamin String Quartet, Ronn MacFarlane, and Celtic Thunder
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Does it have to be guitar?

    Windham Hill's Winter Solstice 1 and Winter Solstice 2 are excellent. (later albums aren't as good)
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    I know you said no electronic, but check out Tim Hecker anyway. You probably won't be disappointed.
    Tim Hecker - In The Fog - YouTube

    even then, he recently released an all-piano album:
    Tim Hecker - Sketch 5 - YouTube

    Goldmund (piano):
    Goldmund: Image-Autumn-Womb - YouTube

    July Skies (slow-paced ambient/post-rock):
    July Skies - Girl On The Hill - YouTube

    Luciano Cilio (minimalist classical):
    Luciano Cilio - Primo quadro della conoscenza - YouTube

    Minus the Bear's acoustic EP:
    Minus the Bear - Pachuca Sunrise Acoustic - YouTube

    Motion Sickness of Time Travel (ambient)
    Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Late Day Sun Silhouettes - YouTube

    Mount Eerie (indie/folk)
    Mount Eerie - Moon Sequel - YouTube

    Neutral Milk Hotel (hopefully you've already heard of this)
    Two Headed Boy Pt 2 - Neutral Milk Hotel - YouTube

    Sigur Ros (mandatory)
    Sigur Rós - Góđan Daginn - YouTube

    Slowdive (shoegaze)
    Slowdive - When the Sun Hits - YouTube

    Stars (pop)
    Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead - YouTube
    Stars - Elevator Love Letter - YouTube

    Sun Kil Moon (indie/singer-songwriter)
    Sun Kil Moon - Alesund - YouTube

    Alio Die (quiet drone/ambient/folk)
    Alio Die: Sine Tempore Part II - YouTube

    Alison's Halo (shoegaze)
    Alison's Halo- Raindrop - YouTube

    Amber Asylum (gothic folk/chamber)
    Amber Asylum - "Outer Dark" - YouTube

    Auburn Lull (shoegaze, sort of)
    Auburn Lull - November's Long Shadow - YouTube

    Carissa's Wierd (indie folk)
    Carissa's Wierd - Ignorant Piece of Shit - YouTube

    City & Colour (folk/acoustic - side project of Dallas from Alexisonfire)
    City and Colour -- In the Water I Am Beautiful - YouTube
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