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Thread: Don't you love it when...

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    Don't you love it when...

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    You ask the butcher if the meat is grass or grain fed and he says, "Hang on", reaches behind the counter, pulls out a poster for the farms they buy their meat from and it says, "Grass fed organic"! It wasn't even being advertised as grass fed organic, it's just the meat they sell! At a reasonable price! I love Australia

    Oh, for my aussie friends, that was JB Meats in Harris Farm, Penrith Plaza.

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    Yeah it's backward down here. Restaurants proudly advertise their steaks are grain-fed. Although Coles have started selling grass-fed beef which is really expensive, it's about $48 per kg. The only meat I really buy is kangaroo these days though.

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    Was that super expensive Coles stuff organic? If so, I think that's where the price tag would come from (over the grass fed factor).

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