I am on an adventure to get my health in order. I first got introduced to paleo or hunter/gather via Terry Wahls web page and her book Minding my mitochondria. I hope I am saying this right. I kept trying to get into the greens things but just couldn't get it off the ground and ended up throwing a lot away. I started making my own smoothies and fortunately used a lot of greens in that so I wasn't quite so wasteful. I still couldn't really get the whole thing off the ground. Then I read Eat to Live by Dr Fuhrman and got really into that. I did his 6 week challenge for 4 or 5 weeks, I did lose some weight which I have still kept off but I was so hungry all the time. I don't mean hungry, I mean HUNGRY!!!!! They say that this toxic hunger, shows that you are detoxing etc. I don't know, I just don't think that you should be famished all the time. All of the beans didn't seem really neat either. As a home health Physical Therapist, all of that gas is not so good. I wrote on one of the forums that for me, it was harder to stay on the diet than it had been to quit smoking and I was a heavy smoker and working 8 hour shifts as a cocktail waitress when I quite. Someone else wrote in and agreed with my assessment. So then I came across the primal blueprint and here I am back at Hunter/gather. I must say, that I have some reservations. It is so contrary to all the popular hype. I do like the idea that we are getting back to our original diet. As a cat breeder, I often see this idea promoted for our animals. I have also been reading about the Inuits and how it is that their all meat and fat diet has been healthier than what we normally eat. Now I am really understanding the importance of grass fed animals.
So now I am doing a much better job of getting the veggies in. I am able to feel comfortable and not super hungry all the time. I am reading and reading as I do want to be comfortable with what I am doing. I do not feel that I have time to play with this. I am 63 and while my blood pressure and cholesterol are always good, I have already played the cancer game once and I do not want to do that again. I am also at an age where seemingly healthy people all of a sudden keel over with a heart attack or stroke. This is not where I want to go.
I am curious about the food suppliers. Where do people feel really comfortable getting their meat snacks such as jerky and etc from? I buy most of my meat at Whole Foods but I would really like to find a private party to buy meat from here in the Houston area. Anyway, sorry this post is so long and I look forward to getting to know people.