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Thread: Homemade Jerky, Backpacker Dinners -- recipes???

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    Homemade Jerky, Backpacker Dinners -- recipes???

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    Calling all jerky-making geniuses and newbies out there --
    Has anyone tried making jerky from canned tuna??? If so, what is the method/recipe? Do you use water-packed tuna?

    What about drying ground meat into jerky? Any success there?

    I'm looking into cost-effective means of making jerky for snacking (especially since I want to avoid some of the questionable ingredients that are rife in commercial jerkies) as well as personal or customized back-packer food for a trip I hope to make soon. (Most of the freeze-dried backpacker meals that are available rely on starches with a bit of meat and veg -- I want meat and veg only, or with appropriate starches like winter squash or sweet taters).


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    Stanley Marianski has a recipe for jerky and for pemican in his book "Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages"

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    Here's our High Sierra trail test pemican recipe

    4 oz cooked and dried stew beef

    4 oz rendered suet (better than tallow because it has a higher melting point)

    1 oz dried greens

    1 oz dried fruit (we use persimmon)

    1 tsp salt

    2 tsp marsala blend spice

    2 tsp cardamon

    Makes about 10 oz and 1400 cal (63.4% fat, 22.5% protein the rest carb)

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