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Thread: Tired after i eat... ?

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    I've been the same way my whole life, I crash after eating, no matter what I ate. I was an IFing child before I knew what it was. Everyone thought I was nuts, thankfully my parents let me eat what and when I want.
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    I also have been getting tired lately after lunch. I usually have a protein source and some veggies. I think mine might be related to not enough hours of sleep. But I am usually high strung once I get to work and start the damn yawning after lunch. I will even out by 2 pm or there after.
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    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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    In many civilizations, there's a tradition of resting after eating if eating takes place during the day (siesta, etc.).

    In all civilizations, people eat at night, and then go to sleep.

    This post is meant to invite comments and insight; I don't have an explanation, belief, or preconceived idea as to the importance of this, or necessarily the relevance to the question asked in the opening post - but that's the train of thought that the opening post set me on.

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    food coma - that's what I call it.

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    Two ideas.

    1) Tryptophan - an amino acid in muscle meat that is known for making people sleepy since it's a precursor for Serotonin.

    2) Histamine Intolerance. This is something that my husband suspects is an issue for him. One of his issues is getting really sleepy after eating certain foods (that we just realized all either contain histamine, or prompt the body to release it). If histamine is your issue, there will likely be some other symptoms, not just the tiredness. It's an easy thing to google for more info, or you can check out these links:

    Symptoms - Histamine Intolerance

    Histamine Intolerance - Allergy UK
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    Quote Originally Posted by texasblackrose View Post
    I honestly dont know how much protein i should be having a day.
    Im 26 - 323lbs - women 5'9 - anyone have a good base for protein?

    I am also 5'9" and I am aiming for 80 grams per day (some days more some days a bit less). It also depends on how active you are.
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