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Thread: What is YOUR version of "Primal" eating?

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    What is YOUR version of "Primal" eating?

    I see many different people tailor the primal way to meet their needs, so I thought it'd be cool to put them together in one spot. Especially for newbies who get confused on what's "right". There's lots of versions of right. What makes YOU feel good? How have you modified the basics to address certain ailments, lifestyles, etc?

    I'll start.

    I admit, I'm not 100% primal, but it's what makes ME feel good:

    Mainly eat:

    meats/fish -- try to buy locally, but sometimes it is conventional -- I try not to sweat it
    a variety of veggies -- homegrown, local, not always organic
    eggs -- have a great local source
    butter, olive oil, coconut oil animal fats
    morning coffee

    Sometimes eat:

    Fruit -- and I'm not afraid of bananas, watermelon, etc,
    Tubers -- usually in the form of white potatoes
    White rice
    Dark chocolate
    Bone broth
    Fermented items (mainly Kombucha)
    Raw dairy or sheep's milk cheeses
    Plain greek yogurt (usually Fage)


    Properly fermented sourdough bread from our local baker (Dear Lord this stuff is heaven)
    Organic corn tortilla chips/popcorn or fresh, local corn-on-the-cob (I simply can't resist)
    Quinoa for a change of pace
    Touch of raw sugar in recipes from time-to-time
    Primal fakes -- yeah, I go there on occasion
    Gluten free treats made with potato starch and rice flours (usually when I get the hankering for pizza crust and meetza just won't do)
    Buffalo wings from a bar (yes, I know they're fried in horrible fats, but damn)
    If I eat something definitely non-primal, it damn well better be the best-of-the-best (like the best sandwich in America -- roast pork with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone at Dinic's in Philly)

    My vice:

    Beer -- this is the one thing I need to reign in, but no way on God's green earth am I fully giving it up.

    I strive to keep my protein constant. I don't fear fats OR carbs (my thyroid seems to function a little better with slightly more carbs). I don't weigh/measure/count calories. Way too stressful for me personally.

    I'm still ever tweaking and modifying as I learn more and more. This might look different a year from now. I've also influenced my husband to become more primal. He now looks forward to grilling meats and veggies for dinner. SCORE!
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