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Thread: What is YOUR version of "Primal" eating?

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    4 eggs + cheese and 1/3 lbs bacon every morning,
    Veggies+meat and rice/plantain/potatoes every night. With nuts and cheese and fruit an chocolate when I want
    well then

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    My Version of Primal is Trying to be in nutritional Ketosis most part of the week. I just feel amazing and after getting over the mental hump, my clarity is pretty awesome as well.

    Always Eat (Main Staples): Eggs, Organic Meats and Offal, Oily Fish (Mackerel and Salmon), Seaweed (Love SeaSnax) Mixed Veggies, Raw Coconuts - all organic, Olive Oil and Grassfed Butter

    Sometimes Eat/Treat(Once a week MAX...mostly once tri-weekly) : Different Fruits, Nut Butters, Pistachios, Rice in form of sushi, Ackee and Saltfish, Wine and Vodka on the Rocks, Poutine (French Canadian good), Gluten Free treats

    Rarely Eat (consider this more like slip ups in my Primal Life Journey ): Anything with Wheat like Bread, Pasta, etc. (I do not make or order EVER but will pick from Fiance/Friends plate etc).

    I am very happy with this way of eating and love all the benefits I am getting from this WOL!

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    I've yo-yo'd like crazy since I discovered this site ~3 years ago, but now I'm pretty much by-the-book, except that I count potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains, etc. as vegetables, eat pretty much unlimited fruits, and don't really bother with ketosis anymore. I also use 0% greek yogurt to cut calories, since I don't mind the flavor. Meals are mostly centered around protein + veg, rounded out with starch and fat, but I don't go anywhere near the 60-70% of cals from fat that some folks around here do. I've found I feel much better on a roughly isocaloric balance of protein, carbs, and fats.

    I still keep stockpiles of dried beans, quinoa, lentils, gluten-free AP flour, and rice around the house for rainy days, but generally try to avoid them. I try to keep my 20% as gluten, soy, veg. oil, and processed sugar-free as possible. Unfortunately I'm forced to ingest soybean & canola oil here and there since that's mainly what I cook with at work, but otherwise have access to plenty of meat and veggies.
    “The whole concept of a macronutrient, like that of a calorie, is determining our language game in such a way that the conversation is not making sense." - Dr. Kurt Harris

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    As a noob of a few weeks:

    Breakfast "salad" of avocado, celery, bell peppers, and/or seaweed etc. with kippers, salmon, or sardines. And/or soft-boiled eggs. Decaf tea with 1-3 tsp of coconut oil and stevia and 1 or 2 raw brazilnuts.

    Lunch is usually a "Mt. Everest" salad of romaine plus raw and cooked veggies, often Bubbie's saurkraut, cheese, meat, and/or egg, plus 1 tbsp. of potato or rice, a couple of macadamia nuts, a few seeds, sugar-free pickles (with sucralose, alas), with C oil and Bragg's apple cider vinegar. And/or a bowl of soup made with bone broth. Decaf or herbal tea.

    I can usually avoid snacking but if hungry have a spoonful or two of coconut butter plus some oil and that takes care of it. (My fav is called coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions and is 100% ground up coconut.)

    Dinner is usually of some kind of meat (preferably grass-fed) or wild-caught seafood plus raw and cooked veggies. Dessert lately is 1 tbsp of whole Greek yogurt with 1 strawberry or faux chocolate pudding made with chia seeds.

    Being hungry while prepping meals is the time I'm most likely to binge on handfuls of nuts or other indulgences so I'm training myself to eat a spoonful or two of paté or the coconut concentrate instead.

    When I first started eating primal I ate too much dairy and nuts and started to gain...ixnay on at-thay! This is the first time in my life I ever stopped eating grains and it's been great. Reading Wheat Belly helped convince me on that score.

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    Birkenstocks & hairy arm pits.
    Foods that are around the perimeter of the grocery store (animals and plants).

    Organic, wild, and grass fed for the top of the food chain (meat, fish, eggs, dairy) pretty much always now. Organic produce when available, when it's not, I carry the "Dirty Dozen," and "Clean 15" lists in my wallet and use them as a guide.

    I love cheeses from goat and sheep milk (and cow) and eat more than is recommended. I eat sourdough bread occasionally (~2-4x per month), but I'm working to zero that. Sweets: only fruit, usually berries + almond milk + artificial sweetener blended.

    Other non-food guidelines: doing better every month.

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    I tried to be thorough, these are basically the foods I live on all the time. They're listed roughly with things I eat more of at the top. I don't think I left much out:

    Dark chocolate (yes, so much so that I'm listing it first, haha)
    Butter (I use it a lot, and love melting it over my eggs)
    Bison meat
    Fish (usually haddock, tilapia, or sardines, sometimes salmon)
    Whey protein (convenient, I bring it rock climbing, also have it sometimes with my lower protein foods)
    Oatmeal (yup, it's on my list, gluten free version)
    Bananas and raisins (chopped up and put in oatmeal)
    Chicken with hummus (lebanese restaurant near work)
    Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes
    Macadamia nuts (less lately though because of price)
    Beef Jerky
    And "nutrition bars" I like called Fucoprotein bars by Garden of Life (chocolate-macadamia flavor)
    I drink water, green tea, or black coffee.

    * All red meats grass-fed (often local), butter from pasture-raised cows, eggs free-range. Most items organic. Worst things I eat: probably the oatmeal and the whey protein (but they're the "cleanest" versions available).

    Oh, and I don't often drink alcohol, but when I do, I prefer rum, tequila, or a microbrew.
    (Or red wine, depending on the occasion)

    I suppose the biggest difference between my version of primal and Mark's is that I don't eat many vegetables. I love cooked veggies as a side dish (wilted spinach with my fish, sauteed onions with my bison) and I chop onions and peppers into my scrambled eggs, but that's about it for veggies for me.

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    i officially count nothing, but eat a mix of starchy tubers, fruit, eggs and meat, with some white rice. almost no nuts. cook with butter or olive oil.

    beyond that, i let appetite guide me. feel like a fatty meal? eggs and butter or aged cheese, with some sort of sauteed vegetable. sometimes i just want potatoes and butter, with herbs. no worries.

    breakfast is almost always sardines or tuna in olive oil, with a one or two pieces of fruit. sometimes salmon and fruit. cause i'm weird and eat fish for breakfast!

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    My staples are

    proteins: chicken breast, tuna,
    fat: olive oil, eggs
    veggies: cucumber, cabbage, brocoli, zucchini, tomatos, cauliflower
    condiments: paprika, cinnamon
    treats: dark chocolate and cocoa powder
    beverages: coffee, tea, chocolate drink

    My weakness are ALL nuts and seeds. I cannot restrict myself to a small porion. I am able to eat the whole package.

    I don't miss any pre-Primal food. I could have said yogurt, cottage, oats, honey and whole wheat pasta, but after experimenting with Primal I realised how AWFUL I was feeling with these foods in my list! Really awful and horrible! Cravings-nightmare!!!! I don't want to 'look back' again. I don't miss this 'life'. Primal rules!
    The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this: A human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive. To them…a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, a lover is a god, and failure is death.” Pearl Buck

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    My version of Primal, typical day:

    - 1 lb or more of meat of salmon, other fish, chicken breast, ground beef, or organs
    - 1 lb random vegetable sauted with said meat or pairs well with said meat sauted or raw
    - (if workout) 1/2-1 lb sweet potato, either eaten by itself or mashed with some coconut oil

    Food supplements:
    - Coffee with cream for hunger control and happiness
    - Eggs when I haven't eaten enough protein
    - Nuts when I haven't eaten enough fat
    - Rice when I haven't eaten enough carbs

    Treats (Try to limit to 20% of calories):
    - Nuts in excess
    - Chocolate (usually 100%)
    - Cacao nibs
    - Cheese/rarely yogurt
    - Wine & spirits
    - Legit gelato

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    I like naiad's way of organizing this:

    Always: eggs, bacon, beef of all types, pastured chicken, pork, cream, butter, coconut oil, fibrous veggies (lettuce, greens, cukes, celery, broccoli), olive oil, red peppers, tomatoes, nuts in moderation.

    Sometimes: 85% dark chocolate, cheese, coconut milk, fresh fruits (especially in cherry and peach season!), carrots, parsnips, turnips (more in the cold weather),

    Rare: GF treats, chicken wings, few bites of someone else's pizza, milk chocolate, brownies.

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