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Thread: I feel uneven

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    I feel uneven

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    I started PBF two weeks ago, at level 4 for all 4 movements. Now it's week 2, and I'm at level 5 for Squats and planks, the high end of level 4 for pull ups(10-11 pull ups, 8-9 chin ups), but only mid level 4 for push ups(27-30 first set, 22-25 second. Next week I'll be at level 6 for planks and Squats, but not so for pull ups and push ups. Does anyone have any advice, suggestions, or tips for speeding upper body strength/endurance? I feel like my push ups are severely lacking compared to the other three, even though I can do five more reps per set this week than last.

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    Try harder.

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