Oh, and just for fun . . .
I'll show the workout I've been doing. I do a 5 x 5 protocol twice per week.

1. Squats 5 x 5
2. Bench 5 x 5
3. cleans 5 x 5
4. chins 2 sets with body weight (increase reps on set 2 when you can get the same amount of reps with both sets)
5. Decline Sit ups 1 set. Add weight when I can get more than 15 reps or so.

It's been working pretty well. But it takes too long.

One last comment I have on that is that the set/rep scheme is a pretty good one. It's designed for simple progression at a reasonable pace. I've found that doing all out sets eventually burns you out and slows you down. So I don't like all out sets anymore. Don't purposely take your sets to failure, pace yourself, and work on simple progression. Do it that way and you won't burn out. Don't burn out and you can continue to progress.