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    Hi, I have been low carbing for months and have been on about 20g of carbs a day. As I'm also interested in following the primal diet I was wondering about ketosis, in that from what I understand one needs to be eating under 50g of carbs to be burning fat but lots of you seem to be eating 100g to 300g of carbs? Doesn't this mean you are no longer in ketosis and burning the extra carbs as glucose as the only other source of fuel? Can someone explain it to me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by lauralou42 View Post
    ... from what I understand one needs to be eating under 50g of carbs to be burning fat ...
    No, you'd need to under that level to effectively produce and metabolize ketone bodies. You could still burn fatty acids while eating a higher level of carbohydrate. There's more than two substrates.

    Of course, the higher the level of carbohydrate, the higher the level of insulin is likely to be. Your degree of insulin resistance is a factor here. Go to the site's main page & look on the "about" menu for the link to the "Primal Blueprint 101#. On that page look for the link to the section called "Carbohydrate Curve".

    That's Mark's take.

    The different levels on the curve are rather like the "phases" in Atkins. You can move between different ones and find your own level.

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