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    I don't recall paleo advising to forgo the salt? smh

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    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

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    I didn't know people lived eating quinoa. When I got a craving for carbs, I definitely went for the quinoa in my pantry first. Man, if that article needed any less credibility, putting quinoa and ice cream in the same category did the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
    Crap like this makes my saturated-fat-laden blood boil.
    At least it has a high smoke point and won't readily oxidize.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
    “There's another, wholly unrelated problem: pleasure. "It eliminates quinoa, ice cream, pasta -- these things we love to eat, that make us social creatures…”
    I know! you can't get social over nuts and cheese and wine, or a big juicy steak and vegetables, or coconut milk ice cream. How stupid.
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    I'll admit, eating bacon has totally ruined my social life.


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    *Facepalm* I hate the old "diets that eliminate an ENTIRE FOOD GROUP!" are baaaaaad thing... Why is something a "food group" anyway? Because someone, somewhere said, "THIS is a food group! And ALL food groups are necessary!". Now I admit to eating some dairy, but anyone with half a brain can surely see that dairy isn't really a natural "food group" for adult humans. I'm not saying no one should eat dairy, but I AM saying that pretending that it's somehow NECESSARY for our existence is wrong.

    And as for grains... pah... the other day, for the first time in a couple of months I ate pizza (I've been eating and loving meatza but have not had pizza)... and what happened REALLY clued me in that grains are NOT a thing I should eat. For starters I ate A LOT. Yes LOTS. And after I finished eating and went home I was stuffed uncomfortably full. And yet... my daughter had some leftover pasta she brought home with her... and for some reason... I WANTED it. So I ended up eating some of her spaghetti too. And this is when I was already uncomfortably full! After the pasta I could barely move, and I couldn't go to bed for ages because I was just too full. And yet, when I'm eating primal I can eat a reasonable sized portion of food and feel completely satisfied, and then not crave anything for hours afterwards. I'll feel hunger pangs before I'll feel any cravings. What I had that night was a CRAVING... and it illustrated exactly WHY I'm fat after eating what is generally considered a "healthy CW" diet. Because, quite simply, I'll want to EAT when I don't need to.

    I have never found any way of eating as easy as primal, and I think it's because I AM satisfied and I DON'T crave anymore. I mean, I may feel like I want to eat something in particular, but I'm not driven to shove something in my mouth despite already having eaten more than enough.

    Errm... and I'm not lacking for "pleasure" either on this diet. When I was struggling to lose weight following CW I was depriving myself of pleasure ALL THE FREAKING TIME and I was NOT successfully losing weight. (In fact, the only time I managed to lose any weight in the old days was when I took diet pills... Phentermine worked nicely...except I could hardly sleep...). And the point is when I was trying to eat this way, as soon as I "went off the rails" I found it EXTREMELY hard to get back on the diet. When I've gone off primal (eating a treat or something) I've been able to resume where I went off without any hardship at all. To me that is the indicator of an eating plan that TRULY works. It's one you can stick with and get back to with ease!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawyerchick12 View Post
    I don't recall paleo advising to forgo the salt? smh
    Cordain's original book did. That was a dark time for me.

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    I know what you mean Iron Fireling. Back when I ate grains I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I'd eat a huge meal and a half hour later was eating again. For now, I'm going to keep depriving myself by eliminating an entire food group and instead have a steak wrapped in bacon with a pad of butter and a fried egg on top. And then I'm going to sleep like a baby for 8 solid hours and wake up refreshed. Deprived. Please.
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    The Paleo Diet is a hoax. Step away from the steak and nobody gets hurt.
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