I'm hoping someone, anyone can help me shed some light on my constant feelings of real, tummy grumbling hunger. I'm 33, female, 5'4ish, 115lbs, no health issues or concerns, other than hunger. I Crossfit 2x/week, walk 2-3 hours, and throw in the occasional yoga class. I've been Primal since 11/11, and haven't had this issue until the last few weeks, since finishing a Whole30 last month.
I'm pretty certain that I eat enough, my weight has not changed since I started Crossfit this May.

Typical menu for the day, which happens to be today's meal plan:

Coffee with coconut oil
3 eggs cooked in ghee (had to choke some of it down, it's really difficult for me to eat more than 2 eggs at a time)
6 slices bacon

BAS with EVOO and balsamic
4 oz skirt steak
Goat cheese

1.5 apples

If I cared to weigh and add up my calories, it's around 2000, mostly from fats. I ate breakfast around 9:45am, and I'm hungry AGAIN now, only 2.5 hours later. This is pretty typical for me right now. I'm trying to save $$$ and only have 2 meals a day, but this hunger just ain't gonna cut it.

Any insight would be appreciated very much!