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Thread: Does getting stronger mean you're sleeping enough?

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    Does getting stronger mean you're sleeping enough?

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    I understand your body wants to heal damaged muscle tissue but why would it bother with creating extra, new cells when it is not done yet with whatever else it wants to do?
    well then

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    "Your body" doesn't "want to" do anything, and it doesn't have a one track mind. Instead:

    Hormones, triggered by what you do to your body, such as sleep, eat, lift, etc. send signals to cells to divide, repair, etc. Basically your question is better off not being asked, because it proceeds from a totally false basis.
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    The body is also built to adapt. To a certain extent, your body will adapt accordingly to whatever challenge it's presented with. In the case of strength training, it will adapt in a way that the task will be easier next time. It wouldn't be efficient to just maintain when there's a possibility that it'll be subjected to the same thing again.
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