So I have been doing Primal 80/20, or a bit better than that, since February, avoiding gluten entirely except for a few special occassions. Well, last Monday (11 days ago) I started eating pure Paleo and have been getting more and more bloated and have actually gained 3 pounds since I then.

I work out 5-6 days a week, lifting followed by 30-45 minutes of walking/light jogging 3x a week and running/biking/some kind of cardio 2-3x a week. I always stay within my calorie restrictions and in the last 11 days have stayed under 100 carbs a day. I sleep 7-8 hours a night but have still been tired.

Here are two sample eating days...
Yesterday - off day from the gym, except one 30 minute walk with a friend:
-3 egg omlette with bacon, tomato and a little bit of cheese
-Salad with avocado, chicken, tomato, egg and a touch of vinagrette dressing. Cup of watermelon
-2 scrambled eggs, 1.5 cup mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries), chocolate milk.
Total: 1,095 calories, 56g fat (43%), 78g protien (27%), 89g carb (30%)

Tuesday - lift and 30 minute light jog (burned a bit over 550 calories between the two things, wore HR monitor)
-Bacon/spinach quiche, cup of red grapes
-1/4 cup Pumpkins seeds
-Chicken fajitas (chicken, red peppers, onions, salsa and whole fat sour cream)
-8oz of rotisserie chicken, 2.5 cups of mixed berries, cup of broccoli, piece of dark chocolate
Total: 1,700 calories, 93g fat (49%), 133g protien (31%), 87g carb (20%)

Any ideas what could be causing this weight gain? It is very frustrating!