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Thread: Advice? Bloating and weight gain...

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    I'm guessing it's likely to be water retention, which you can get after workouts, particularly lifting. I found I had to drink more water on lifting days, and watch my sodium intake - maybe hold off on the bacon for a couple of days and see if that makes a difference? Rotisserie chicken is also high in salt. You could try a whey protein shake instead of something like chocolate milk?

    The other thing is, I wonder if you are maybe not eating enough altogether for your activity level....just a thought. If you "do" calorie counting, it might be a good idea to figure out your basal metabolic rate and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). You should be eating at your TDEE level if you want to maintain your weight, and between your BMR and TDEE if you want to lose.

    I use the Calorie Line website's calculators, but there are a few out there. I found Calorie Line the simplest, because you simply plug in the weight you want to be, your height, age and gender, and it gives you your BMR and then you can pick your calorie allowance based on your activity level.

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    If weight gain is a concern for you, try opting for a low glycemic index diet. You may also want to wear revolutionary new support undergarments that help keep your body balanced and promote overall good health.

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