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    It's funny, I'm the opposite. I've never really liked breakfast, well, unless there was a McDonald's on the way and I could grab a .99 cent Egg McMuffin in my teen years.

    But I've tried to force myself to eat breakfast. Both the Hartwig's and Dr Jack push the importance of breakfast. However, I can't stand it. I'm just not hungry. (Though, the Hartwigs say that could be because my hormones are off.)

    So, now I have a coffee banana smoothie in the morning. I consists of a banana (duh), cup of iced coffee, 1/3 cup coconut milk, couple piece of ice. It's about 250 calories or so. I love it.

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    i eat breakfast every day. oftentimes i fast during the day/skip lunch. but i always eat a big breakfast and big dinner

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    I've been doing the eat-only-when-hungry type fasting lately. I am using this as a step towards a more regular intermittent fast schedule though.

    When I walk out the door on my way to work or university, I usually grab a small container of nuts (cashews or pistachios usually) or fruit (blueberries, rasberries, dried apricot). I use a container that is just the right size for just a handful of fruit/nuts, so it limits my consumption (it's waaaay to easy to feast on them). If I get to 10-11am and I'm feeling particularly hungry, that's when I'll whip them out. I find they are perfect at suppressing my appetite for another couple hours. If I do pull out the fruit/nuts, I then try to wait as long as possible before having lunch, thus reducing my hunger around dinner time. This is my method for skipping breakfast, and I've found that I can easily eat 30% less than I used to.

    If motivation is the limiting factor for anyone reading, then I watched this documentary on fasting a few days ago and I found myself with a whole lot more motivation. Well worth finding an hour to watch it:
    Eat, Fast and Live Longer

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    How long til you didn't want breakfast?

    One year.

    I've always liked breakfast over any other meal. I had great results with a high protein, zero carb breakfast for a year. Lost all my weight that way. Eggs or meat or both. Sometimes veggies with the meat. Lately I am having salad with meat or fish for breakfast and having it after I get to work around 10 or so. So it's really still breakfast.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by not on the rug View Post
    i eat breakfast every day. oftentimes i fast during the day/skip lunch. but i always eat a big breakfast and big dinner
    I'm the same way. I'm always ravenous first thing in the morning. It's been a year and I still pretty much always want breakfast. Sometimes if I need to I can put it off by drinking a couple of cups of coffee with plenty of fat (cream or butter) added. If I'm going to skip a meal, lunch or dinner is much easier.

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    It took me about three weeks before skipping meals just sort of happened. Now I plan on doing some real IF, like a 20/4, instead of just skipping meals here and there.

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    I wouldn't focus on trying to get to intermittent fasting ASAP, it has to come naturally - or it might never come even if you are fully primal. That and taking into consideration some doubts about IF benefits for women, I would rather plan for breakfast in advance (eggs, leftovers, as mentioned, even the bulletproof coffee if nothing else is available). With kids all you can do really is have a Plan B in case you are really hungry. Hunger can also be a sign of other deficiencies, not lack of food. I am much hungrier if I haven't been getting enough sleep, for instance.

    Back to question about time limits - I probably could have started IF, if I wanted, quite soon after going 100% paleo (not on primal before that as it seemed too relaxed). I don't do intermittent fasting but I skip breakfast often (mostly because I eat dinner shortly before midnight, so dinner to breakfast would only be about 13 hrs). At the same time I am never really hungry in the morning. Actually I am almost never really hungry even during the day (unless after a huge workout), unlike back in carbier days.

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    I still want and have breakfast. Only on sundays my breakfast is at 12PM or so
    well then

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    Just watched the Eat, Fast and Live Longer video ... it makes a very persuasive case for intermittent fasting!

    THANKS for the link

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    Why is it that you are trying not to eat breakfast?

    IF can be done if you avoid eating dinner. If you ate lunch around 12pm and your next meal is tomorrow's breakfast at 7am, that is 17 hours without food! Plus you sleep through the hunger at night (If there is any).

    I have found that I started doing this naturally about once or maybe twice a week after about 3 weeks of being primal.

    Also, bacon and eggs rule.

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