I'm just into my second week of the Primal lifestyle, and I've begun using the PEMs as part of my workout routine.

My question is about what level of exercise I should use. I'm not at the full PEM level for any of the movements yet, so I'm using various levels as I work up. That works out fine for my first set -- but it's a problem with the second set.

If I find that I can't complete a full second set at a particular level, should I drop down to the next lower level -- or just max out what I can at the current level?

For example: if I do 50 incline pushups for my first set, but I find I can only manage 30 during the second set...should I drop to the knee-pushups for the entire set and crank out 50? Or just finish off the second set with 20 knee-pushups, for a total of 50 movements?

The same question will apply when I reach full mastery of a particular movement. I doubt that I'll be able to crank out two sets of 50 pushups each, so should my second set be at a lower level -- or just max out what I can at the full level?

Thanks in advance for your input!