Sooo, I seasoned my cast iron pan according to the instructions in Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To
(i.e. strip with oven cleaner, do the black iron thing, use a very thin film of flaxseed)

And it just falls off every time I cook with it....
Everything sticks like a bitch and then when I rinse and scrub with only hot water and a plastic scrubber, the "seasoning" comes off leaving bare iron.
I re-did it in the oven at 450, in the grill at about 500 (several times before cooking with it). Lately I've been greasing it up and leaving it in the oven when I bake something. I even tried a layer of Crisco (don't ask)

A) what am I doing wrong?
B) why do I need to heat it to 450 when the smoke point of flaxseed is 200 degrees F?

Thanks in advance!!