Hi everyone! I've had issues with my knees for about a year now. I was hoping that going primal would help, as it seemed to help a lot of people, but it hasn't helped yet. I am only 16 though, so my bad knees aren't from age as most people's probably are.
It first started about a year ago, mostly when I was running. I'm a polevaulter, and so we never run more than 400m. No chronic cardio here I went to my doctor who recommended I go to physical therapy. My therapist thought it might be my shoes, so I got new shoes. That seemed to help a little, but they're also more cushy and I feel like it's just disguising my pain. I went to physical therapy for about 6 months, which didn't help at all. They pain got worse.

I tried taking a break but that didn't help. I went back to my doctor who sent me to an orthopedic doctor who thought that it was a growing thing and would be gone in 6 months or so. I'm a female and fairly tall (5'10") and he thought I was a textbook case based on everything for patella something or other. After six months, when it was worse, I went back and got an MRI. It showed nothing and the orthopedic doctor didn't really know what to do. He was not very helpful and pretty much just suggested I wait longer or try a brace (which doesn't help in the slightest)

Over the past 3 months I thought it was getting better, to the point of a couple weeks with no pain at all, but it's been slowly getting worse again. (in correlation with the colder weather possibly? I'm not sure) Anyway. I haven't been running very much at all, but it's been hurting when I do things for training, like squats, which is a shame because I love them. It also hurts when I jump, bounce, walk up more than 2 flights of stairs or even put my knees to the side of me when sitting down.

My doctors have always asked me to try to describe my pain but it's tricky. I can't really feel very well where it's coming from and it sometimes changes places from the front to the side. It's somewhere in between a dull and sharp pain, but probably a bit more on the dull side if that makes any sense. It usually is around 3-5 on the pain scale, which isn't horrible, but bad enough where it makes me have to stop exercises that i'm doing sometimes. I also have unstable shoulders, which I went to physical therapy for about a month or two for. I don't know if that's related to the knee problem. The shoulders don't really hurt, just feel really uncomfortable.

So that's my story. I'm sorry it's so long! I'm at my wits end. None of the doctors have been very helpful and it's creating lots of issues with my sport and life. If anyone has any advice about exercises that may help, diet changes, or even ideas of what it may be or anything else that would be amazing! Thanks