So, I am sure this has been asked before... but I can't seem to find it.
And again, sorry if this is TMI, but it is worrying me.

Backdrop: I have been eating Primally for about three weeks 70/30, but for the past nine days have been 100%. In this time that I started this, I lost around 14 pounds in those three weeks. So it is a pretty big weight loss at a quick pace.

It has only 22 days since my last period, and I have started again... I think... I'm not sure because it isn't a normal period by far. I will get descriptive if you need, but I won't for the moment. And my cycle is normally around 35 days, so this one is 12 days early! Or 6-8 days from a regular 28-30 day cycle (which I have sometimes).

Has this happened to any other women? I ate Primally for about four months last year and this never happened.