I'd love to eat enough fish to get my omega 3 needs but that isn't going to happen, so I supplement with about 2g of omega 3 from fish oil capsules a day. However I'm still uncertain of what the best brand to buy is. I was using Bulkpowders (Super Strength Omega 3 | Super EPA | Super DHA | BulkPowders) insanely cheap product which was 270 capsules for 18, with 330mg of EPA and 220mg of DHA per capsule. It seems a little bit too good to be true so I changed to Now Ultra Omega 3 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Foods-Ultra-...8084107&sr=8-1) which is 180 capsules for 23, with 500 EPA and 250 DHA.

Has anybody found a brand that they either have peace of mind with (that its a good quality product) or that is cheaper/higher potency than either previous mentioned brand?